• Do I need an appointment?
No an appointment is not necessary, you are welcome to walk into the shop where someone will be happy to assist you. Alternatively you can a request an appointment with the designer Jacques Azagury.

  • What happens during an appointment?
You will meet with Jacques Azagury where he will talk you through different options of styles, colours and fabrics available.

  • How many appointments are required ?
After your first appointment if you have made your choice and placed your order you will usually need two fittings and a final try on and pick up. Of course if extra appointments are necessary those will be made.

  • When do I pay?
We take half deposit on order and the final half on completion/pickup.

  • When do you take my measurements ?
Measurements are taken when a firm order is given a deposit is paid.

  • How long does it take for you to make a dress? 
 A dress can be made in as little as two weeks if the fabric is available, or can be ordered months in advance. As we like to work to satisfy the client it can be based around their time frame and needs, fabric choice allowing.

  • Where are the dresses made?
Our Azagury Collection dresses are all created and made from start to finish in house by our expert team.  

  • Do you make “one offs” ?
No we do not make “one offs” as such, but to order we can adapt anything in the store from the Azagury main range. For example adding/removing sleeves, different lengths/neck lines , choice of fabrics and colours , combining styles etc.

  • Can I buy the main Azagury range ready made/off the peg?
Yes you can. 

  • What sizes do you have in store for the Azagury main range?
We usually stock sizes 12 or 14 in store.

  • Do you do alterations?
Yes we offer alterations on the Azagury Collection range. We do not charge for alterations on full price garments but we do charge for alterations on discounted items during the Sale period. Alterations are not available on Ready to Wear “Azagury Finds” items.

  • Do you make wedding dresses?
Yes we do make wedding dresses. We usually have a few ready made in store to choose from or you can meet with the designer Jacques Azagury where you will have your dress specially designed and made for you.

  •  Do you only stock the Azagury main range?
We also stock the Ready to Wear “Azagury Finds” items which we have personally selected and these are available in various sizes.

  • Can I buy online?
Yes you can for UK only

For any further questions please do not hesitate to call us on 020 7245 1216 where some one will always be happy to assist you. Thank you.